How to manage Projects with a Shared Inbox

Email is still core in Project Management

Project Management tools as they are today

  • Collaboration with teams;
  • Work is divided in boards, so everything that makes sense together, keeps together;
  • You’re able to tag your work, so its more easily identified;
  • It’s also easy to track who’s doing what task;
  • You can add status or progress bars for each task to be done;
  • You’re able to see the project both in the big picture and in detail;
  • Send emails as tasks in your project management tool.

Projects and Email: meant for each other

  • The responsible person on the team;
  • Descriptions;
  • Status;
  • Due date;
  • Checklists;
  • Notes;
  • Progress bar.
  • Click the boards drop down menu, then click Manage Boards;
  • Select a board (or create one) and click on the add (+) button;
  • Type your peers’ emails addresses;
  • Click Invite;
  • And it’s done!

What you’ll learn inside Drag

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What now?



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